1. Spectroscopy
    Lasers for excitation in range from UV to NIR for Photoluminescence & Raman studies
  2. Nanostructuring
    Lasers & systems for producing Nano-scale structures using 2-Photon Polymerization technique
  3. Microstructuring
    Lasers systems for engraving, drilling and creating micro-patterns on various materials
  4. Photonics
    Lasers & cameras for generating, controlling, and detecting photons in field of Nanophotonics, Microscopy & Imaging.
  5. Photo Voltaic
    Photo Voltaic
    Tools for optical & electrical characterization of semiconductors
  6. Photo Voltaic
    Photo Voltaic
    Tools for characterization of solar cells for research and development of clean energy.
  7. Spectroscopy
    Study of time resolved dynamics in field of photochemistry and photobiology
  8. Life Science
    Life Science
    Lasers for study of Science of life & living organisms
  9. Life Science
    Life Science
    Lasers for study of Science of life & living organisms
  10. Photonics
    Cutting edge tools for application in field of aerospace, agriculture, biomedicine, defence, energy, information technology and many more
Hi-Res TRPL & μ-Raman Spectrometer

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Eniltech is the most professional optical measurement equipment company which develops variety of scientific & metrological inspection instruments in accordance with different countries’ electro technical standards and provides inspection services. They are dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing high-end measurement equipments to be used in the fields of materials science, machine vision, photovoltaic testing and analysis based on their Quantum Efficiency Expertise.
 Enlitech products are recognized by many PV manufacturers, Certification Bodies, Researchers and Academic Laboratories. 
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Enlitech μ-Raman-HR is a Confocal Micro Raman System based on optical technique which can increase the optical resolution and contrast by using a spatial pinhole to block the out-of-focus light. Enlitech confocal technology not only makes the focusing beam spot to close to diffraction limit, but also increases the depth resolution. With a proper XYZ auto stage, u-Raman-EX can be upgraded to Raman imaging or 3D confocal Raman imaging system. system.  ​​​​​​​

Available wi
ith outstanding narrow-band performance excitation laser, the system can offer access to the low frequency Raman region (< 10~200 cm-1).
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Enlitech offers Pico-Tou - a time resolved photoluminescence (PL) system for lifetime measurement from sub-ns to ms time region. It offers spectral coverage from 200nm to 2500nm. The system can be incorporated with multiple choice of lasers for sample excitation to generate radiative emission from excited state to ground state. It utilizes Time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) technique to measure lifetime of the samples. The systems help researchers to determine the carrier lifetime of optoelectronic devices, quantum dot and graphene compounds.
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Enlitech SPCM-1000 is a Total Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy system offering Fluorescence wavelength range from 400 nm-900 nm (can be extend to 1700 nm as optional function) Non-invasive and high resolution fluorescence imaging.  ​​​​​

  • Can extend the Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) function
  • Can extend the Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscope function
  • Time-Resolved Photoluminescence (TRPL)
  • Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)



Raman Spectroscopy

The ability to quantify both thermal and interfacial stress in solar cell materials is critical. Stress can dramatically impact conversion efficiencies in PV cells. Therefore, it is critical to understand where stresses are located, how they impact cell performance and ultimately how they can be controlled to improve process yields. Raman spectroscopy provides a direct measurement of stress (or strain) in silicon based
solar cells by monitoring the spectral position of the 520 cm-1 peak on the sample, from which a stress map can be generated with sub-micrometer spatial resolution.

Fluoroscence Life Time Microscopy

FLIM is an imaging technique for producing an image based on the differences in the exponential decay rate of the fluorescence from a fluorescent sample. It allows measuring fluorophore lifetimes with microscopic spatial resolution, providing a useful tool for cell biologists to detect, visualize, and investigate structure and function of biological systems..  

Time Resolved PL Measurement

(a) A 10 × 10 μm fluorescence image (FI) of a control perovskite film on glass and (d) a perovskite film formed with HPA additive. (a,d) Scale bar, 2 μm. (b) Image histogram of FI in (a) fitted to a Gaussian function (black trace) and ((e), top) histogram of FI in (d) fitted to a sum (black trace) of two Gaussian functions (blue and red traces, (e) bottom). (c,f) Time-resolved PL decay curves of bright (red square), medium (green triangle), and dark (blue circle) PL intensity regions after excitation at 470 nm, 500 kHz, ϕ=1 μJ cm−2.