1. Spectroscopy
    Lasers for excitation in range from UV to NIR for Photoluminescence & Raman studies
  2. Nanostructuring
    Lasers & systems for producing Nano-scale structures using 2-Photon Polymerization technique
  3. Microstructuring
    Lasers systems for engraving, drilling and creating micro-patterns on various materials
  4. Photonics
    Lasers & cameras for generating, controlling, and detecting photons in field of Nanophotonics, Microscopy & Imaging.
  5. Photo Voltaic
    Photo Voltaic
    Tools for optical & electrical characterization of semiconductors
  6. Photo Voltaic
    Photo Voltaic
    Tools for characterization of solar cells for research and development of clean energy.
  7. Spectroscopy
    Study of time resolved dynamics in field of photochemistry and photobiology
  8. Life Science
    Life Science
    Lasers for study of Science of life & living organisms
  9. Life Science
    Life Science
    Lasers for study of Science of life & living organisms
  10. Photonics
    Cutting edge tools for application in field of aerospace, agriculture, biomedicine, defence, energy, information technology and many more
 Compact Spectrometer Solutions 

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Since 1991, StellarNet has been producing low cost miniature fibre optic spectrometers and accessories for industrial and academic applications worldwide. StellarNet is now one of the world's leading producers of ruggedized spectrometers for wavelength ranges of 190-2300nm and attributes its success to the eXtreme engineering of its internal optical benches, gratings, extruded electronics and detectors, and airflow optimized aluminium enclosures. StellarNet spectrometers contain no moving parts, detector sockets, or screws, allowing for extended life and eXtreme durability. 

BLUE-Wave Spectrometers are fibre optic coupled instruments with a wide selection of models for measurements in 200-1150nm wavelength ranges. Each unit contains a USB interface with a snap shot memory to provide instantaneous spectral image from the highly sensitive CCD  with 2048. Various models provide a choice of grating range and slit resolutions.
  • 15 standard models with options for customized wavelength ranges
  • Signal: noise = 1000:1
  • High-speed 16-bit electronics for fast data acquisition
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The BLACK-Comet UV-VIS spectrometers utilise a 40mm diameter concave grating with aberration correction to provide superb spectral imaging. This significantly improves spectral shapes by reducing comma and astigmatism found in plane grating spectrograph designs. The spectrograph architecture does not utilise mirrors, and therefore provides the lowest possible stray light in the UV with additional assistance from the holographic line grating. The concave grating produces a flat field on the CCD detector creating uniform resolution over the entire range. The instruments are exceptionally robust with no moving parts, and are packaged in small rugged metal enclosures (70 × 101 × 152mm) for portable spectroradiometry and lab or process spectroscopy measurements..
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GREEN-Wave low cost Spectrometers are fibre optic coupled instruments with a wide selection of models for measurements in 350-1150nm wavelength ranges. Each unit contains a USB-2 interface with a snap shot memory to provide instantaneous spectral image from the highly sensitive CCD  for 2048 elements. Various models provide a choice of grating range and slit resolutions. A single strand fibre optic cable or probe assembly delivers input via standard SMA 905 fibre optic connector with a choice of cable lengths. The spectrograph optics are exceptionally robust in a vibration tolerant modular design, with no moving parts.
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The DWARF-Star, is small, robust, and equipped with high performance InGaAs detector array for the 900-1700nm wavelength range and achieves resolving resolutions to 1.25nm. The DWARF-Star features no moving parts and is packaged in a small rugged metal enclosure (127 x 76 x 51mm) for portable, process, and OEM  applications.
Advancements in electronic and optical design have allowed for size reduction never before achieved in a NIR  spectrometer. The InGaAs detector is a Sensors Unlimited linear photo diode array with 512 pixels (1024 optional) 25µm by 500µm tall to provide maximum sensitivity. The detector has an integrated thermo electric cooler (TEC) maintained at -10°C, stabilised within ±0.1°C. The NIR spectrometers accept a single strand SMA-905 terminated, low OH, fibre optic cable as input. Several models provide a variety of operational ranges and resolutions suitable for both spectroscopy and optical spectrum analysis.
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The RED-Wave-NIRX-SR Spectrometers is a High performance InGaAs spectrometers covering the NIRwavelength range from 0.9-2.3µm.
These units are exceptionally robust with no moving parts and are packaged in small rugged metal enclosures (70 x 102 x 152mm) for portable, process, and lab applications. The InGaAs detector is a Sensors Unlimited linear photo diode array with 512 pixels (1024 optional) 25µm by 500µm tall to provide maximum sensitivity. The detector has an integrated thermo electric cooler (TEC) maintained at -10°C, stabilised within ±0.1°C. The RED-Wave-NIR-InGaAs spectrometers use single strand SMA 905 fibre optic input. Several models provide a variety of operational ranges and resolutions suitable for both spectroscopy and optical spectrum analysis..
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The EPP2000-HR is a High Resolution fibre optic spectrometers available in several low cost models for UV, Vis, and NIR applications.
The HR spectrometers have double the resolution over standard models with the same grating. The wavelength range is reduced by the same factor. Resolutions better than 0.1nm can be achieved depending on selected model range, detector, and slit size.
Applications include wavelength monitoring and characterisation for tuneable lasers/LEDs and other sources such as elemental emissions from plasma and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. Also, optical sensing of temperature, pressure, and position are enabled via Bragg grating technology.
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The Dual-DSR spectrometer systems combine two instruments to cover the ultraviolet, visible and near infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.
The two instruments work as one creating a unified spectral graph over the entire wavelength region, 200-2300nm. Both instruments employ a UV-Visdetector array and NIR-InGaAs array in order to cover the entire range. 2048 element UV-VIS detector with the option of 512 or 1024 elements in the NIR.
Various models allow for ranges from 200-1700, 280-1700, or 200-2300nm depending in the measurement specifications required. These spectrometers are ruggedised for field or lab process measurements. A Miniature USB-Hub provides instrument PC interface.
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The SL1 Tungsten Halogen Lamps have a wide spectral Range for 350-2500nm – effective for color, reflectance, transmittance, and absorbance measurements.

  • Extensive Life – The SL1 has a 10,000 hour Tungsten Halogen lamp filled with Krypton gas
  • High Output Power – 200 W/m^2 and 2800K color temperature for many types of spectroscopy applications
  • Great Compatibility/Versatility – manipulate output with color-enhancing or signal-attenuating.
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The SL1-LED includes a nose cone assembly with an LED kit consisting of 6 LEDs plus a white LED. LEDs can be swapped without any wiring changes, just pull one out and push the next one in. Each LED can be used to induce fluorescence in many experiments. 470nm LED works best for Riboflavin (vitamin D). Other wavelengths can be found more optimal for use with different species chemistry.

  • Extensive Life – LEDs have extremely long life.
  • Flexibility – user replaceable LEDs take less than a few seconds to replace
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The SL2 Mercury Argon Light Source provides accurate gas emission lines which can be utilized to verify or calibrate spectrometer wavelengths from 253.65 to 1013.98nm.
  • Calibration lamp with Mercury and Argon gas emission lines from 253.65-1013.98nm
  • Portable operation from 9VDC battery and includes 5VDC wall power adapter
  • Used to perform wavelength calibration and demonstrate spectrometer resolution and operational range for UV/VIS/NIR/XNIR configurations
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The SL3 Deuterium Light Source – emits a deep UV spectral output over the 190- 450nm range and higher. When using StellarNet BLACK-Comet concave grating spectrometers, you can perform spectroscopy applications past 550nm.

  • World's smallest 4000 hour deuterium light source for continuous wave UV light
  • Specially designed for maximum stability, suitable for process applications down to 200nm
  • Has an integrated temperature control and measures only 89 x 70 x 165mm
  • Integrated filter holder fits several 12.7mm (0.5") diameter disk filters for various applications
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StellarNet offers a variety of low cost Integrating spheres and accessories for photometric and radiometric applications. These spheres are available in a variety of sizes to offer customers the most flexibility when choosing a sphere for their application. The spheres are extremely robust yet are surprisingly lightweight, compact, and easy to operate.
StellarNet integrating spheres, when coupled with a StellarNet spectrometer, provide NIST traceable characterisation of all types of light including discrete LEDs, LED arrays, and standard bulbs of various sizes and output intensities. Measurements include absolute intensity in Watts/m2, Lumens/m2, Radiant/Luminous Flux, Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT), xy chromaticity, Colour Rendering Index (CRI), dominant wavelength, and more across the 200-1700nm wavelength range.
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StellarNet offers a variety of Cuvette holders for  SpectroChemistry, Colorimetry, Fluorimetry, Raman Spectroscopy applications. 

  • CUV1 is a 4-way fiber optic cuvette holder used for transmission, absorbance, fluorescence, and color measurements in liquids. Includes 2 UV grade collimating lenses.  Custom lengths can be made for additional charge (see 5cm pathlength example).

  • CUV-F is a fiber optic cuvette holder for SL1-LED excitation with 2 collimating lens for measuring fluorescence. F600Y fiber included for dual pickup. Note: SL1-LED light source and spectrometer are also pictured.
  • CUV-TEMP is a temperature controlled cuvette holder for fluorescence, absorbance, or Raman measurements from -30 °C to +105 °C. Price includes qpod sample compartment, two imaging lenses, two collimating lenses, two mirror plugs, submersible pump, cover with access cap, tubing, cables and a stir bar​.
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StellarNet offers Fiber Optic Spectrum Analyser to measure wavelength emissions from Lasers, Laser Diodes and LED’s into the near infrared. A fiber optic cable is used to couple the output from the test device into the spectrometer. The instrument allows characterization of the wavelength stability with time, temperature, and device drive current. Depending on your application and wavelength requirements, StellarNet can offer high resolution spectrometers up to 0.1nm resolution. Contact StellarNet for availability of other wavelength range and resolutions.

  • High Resolutions down to 0.05nm
  • Options available for UV, VIS, & NIR wavelengths 190-2200nm
  • SpectraWiz software enables wavelength measurements of emission peaks, peak area centroid, FWHM (Full Width Half Max), and dBm.
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StellarNet offers compact and Research Grade Raman Systems for quick identification of a variety of liquid, solid, or powder samples.

  • Raman Systems include a high performance Raman spectrometer, High power Laser, and Raman probe.
  • Standard Raman wavelengths include 532, 785, and 1064nm with many custom options such as 405, 633, 637, 648, 830nm. 
  • SpectraWiz ID Raman Library with Save and Search functionality included FREE. Save your samples and then search for matches!
  • Microscope Accessory Pack available for micro Raman applications as well as affordable SERS strips for trace substance analysis​.
StellarNet offers Spectroradiometer-LED measurement systems in the 200-2300nm range. These miniature rugged spectrometers are calibrated to test LED optical output in Luminous & Radiant Flux, spectral irradiance and LUX, microwatts/cm2, moles per second, PAR, Footcandles, CRI & CQS.

  • LED Measurement Systems include a miniature spectrometer, a fiber optic cable (or direct attachment), a light collecting accessory/integrating sphere, and a NIST traceable intensity calibration.
  • Real-time 1931 CIE Chromaticity diagram for xy Chromaticity, Dominant Wavelength, Purity, and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
  • LED Testing spectrometers available to cover the 200-1700nm range​.
StellarNet offers Spectro-Chemistry systems for chemical absorbance measurement from 190-2300nm. These instruments can measure species absorption, emission, fluorescence, transmission, concentration, and color, using the free SpectraWiz®  Software Suite.  StellarNet Chemical Absorbance Systems reliably measure absorbance and concentrations and have applications in the food & beverage, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, raw material industries.

  • Spectrochemistry Systems include a miniature spectrometer, light source, and sampling accessory such as cuvette holders, dip probes, & flow cells.
  • SpectraWiz Software has built in features for ChemWiz Concentration Analyzer with multivariate chemometric options.
  • Episodic capture for kinetics, time series analysis, & batch monitoring.
  • Easily convert to fluorescence or reflectance for multi applications.
  • For liquids, samples can be pipetted inside cuvettes and then placed into the CUV1 (4-way fiber optic cuvette holder) used for transmission, absorbance, fluorescence, and color measurements.  
  • For Solid/powder samples, the RPH Reflectance probe is a popular accessory for color measurement..
StellarNet offers a complete line of Film Thickness Measurement Systems that can measure from 5 nm to 200 µm for analysis of single layer and/or multilayer films in less than a second. The optical properties are obtained from reflection and thickness is measured by detecting the sinusoidal fringe pattern from the sample’s specular reflectance.   Several thin film systems are available to suit your thin film and/or optical measurement requirements.

 TF-VIS – (Thickness Range: 10nm-75um Wavelength Range: 400nm -1000 nm)

TF-UVVIS-SR – (Thickness Range: 1nm- 75um Wavelength Range: 200nm -1000nm)
TF-UVVIS-NIR – (Thickness Range: 1nm- 300um Wavelength Range: 200nm -1700nm)

  • Thin film reflectometry systems consist of a compact USB spectrometer coupled to a reflectance probe and light source.
  •  Real-time Spectral capture for Reflectance and/or Transmittance
  •  Includes large library of Materials Data
  • Supports multilayer, freestanding, rough, & both thick & thin layers
  • Supports Parameterized materials: Cauchy, Sellmeir, EMA, Harmonic oscillator, Tauc-Lorentz oscillator, Drude-Lorentz.
StellarNet Haze System is preconfigured for Total Transmission and Haze Measurements and includes a compact fiber optic spectrometer, light source with integrated optical amplification and collimation lens, custom haze measurement sphere with diffuse transmission port and optional sample attachment clips.  The sphere is mounted on a breadboard with alignment track for easy positioning. 

  • Measure % Haze, % Total Transmittance, and color of films, filters, plastics, liquids, and just about any optical element
  • Measure all ranges from 0-100% Haze and Transmission with SpectraWiz L*a*b* CIELAB values
  • Custom StellarHaze Software for real time haze calculations
  • Research grade optical performance and repeatability

StellarNet offers Portable Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) System.

  • The StellarCASE-LIBS includes interior mounting of spectrometer instrumentation pre-configured with no additional setup required.
  • The StellarCASE comes pre-configured with spectrometer instrumentation to covers 200-800nm with <0.2nm optical resolution.
  • The systems excitation source is the world’s smallest 1064nm NDYaG laser with 25mJ per pulse.
  • Internal main power control system with ON, OFF, & Charge buttons and an 8 hour battery life for portable field applications
  • SpectraWiz-ID for real time qualitative elemental analysis
  • The system is completed with a safety key lock and an 8 hour battery lifetime for field use and portable application