1. Spectroscopy
    Lasers for excitation in range from UV to NIR for Photoluminescence & Raman studies
  2. Nanostructuring
    Lasers & systems for producing Nano-scale structures using 2-Photon Polymerization technique
  3. Microstructuring
    Lasers systems for engraving, drilling and creating micro-patterns on various materials
  4. Photonics
    Lasers & cameras for generating, controlling, and detecting photons in field of Nanophotonics, Microscopy & Imaging.
  5. Photo Voltaic
    Photo Voltaic
    Tools for optical & electrical characterization of semiconductors
  6. Photo Voltaic
    Photo Voltaic
    Tools for characterization of solar cells for research and development of clean energy.
  7. Spectroscopy
    Study of time resolved dynamics in field of photochemistry and photobiology
  8. Life Science
    Life Science
    Lasers for study of Science of life & living organisms
  9. Life Science
    Life Science
    Lasers for study of Science of life & living organisms
  10. Photonics
    Cutting edge tools for application in field of aerospace, agriculture, biomedicine, defence, energy, information technology and many more
Custom Micromachining Solutions

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  • We offer Femtosecond Laser based Micromachining systems for laboratory  as well as production. The systems are equipped with high accuracy linear positioning stages, high performance galvanometer scanners and versatile micromachining software SCA to perform micro/nano structuring, Ablation, 2-p polymerization, waveguide fabrication etc.​

Additive Process

Micro gear fabricated via two-photon polymerization


Hole patterning using femtosecond lasers



Micro/Nanostructures created using femtosecond laser