1. Spectroscopy
    Lasers for excitation in range from UV to NIR for Photoluminescence & Raman studies
  2. Nanostructuring
    Lasers & systems for producing Nano-scale structures using 2-Photon Polymerization technique
  3. Microstructuring
    Lasers systems for engraving, drilling and creating micro-patterns on various materials
  4. Photonics
    Lasers & cameras for generating, controlling, and detecting photons in field of Nanophotonics, Microscopy & Imaging.
  5. Photo Voltaic
    Photo Voltaic
    Tools for optical & electrical characterization of semiconductors
  6. Photo Voltaic
    Photo Voltaic
    Tools for characterization of solar cells for research and development of clean energy.
  7. Spectroscopy
    Study of time resolved dynamics in field of photochemistry and photobiology
  8. Life Science
    Life Science
    Lasers for study of Science of life & living organisms
  9. Life Science
    Life Science
    Lasers for study of Science of life & living organisms
  10. Photonics
    Cutting edge tools for application in field of aerospace, agriculture, biomedicine, defence, energy, information technology and many more
 Single Frequency DPSS CW Lasers

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UniKLasers is dedicated to producing Unique Lasers, namely those with the purest emitted light with true single frequency operation, all based on novel proprietary patented BRaMMS technology.
The company is dedicated to innovation in the field of single frequency DPSS lasers. UniKLasers has the widest choice of available wavelengths with different output powers on the current market. We regularly introduce new wavelengths in response to market demand and customised developments for individual clients

  • Excellent beam quality
  • 100m+ coherence length
  • Free from mode hops
  • Ultra-low noise
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Built-in thermoelectric cooling
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Using the patented BRaMMS laser technology UniKLasers can offer a broad range of single frequency DPSS lasser within the spectrum range from NIR through the visible to the UV.

Additionally, due to the significantly lower power consumption for any required output and the resulting simplified thermal management, the BRaMMS laser technology provides up to a 10 times wider range of output power scalability from the smallest footprint. This opens up applications in portable and remotely controlled systems and devices which until UniKLasers products were available have never before considered feasible.

Due to BRaMMS technology all the CW solid state lasers have the following parameters*:

  • Linewidth <0.5 MHz
  • Coherence length >100 m
  • Beam quality M2<1.05
  • Beam pointing stability <5 µrad/°C
  • Power stability 2 %, ±5 °C, 4 hours
  • Noise 0.1 % rms, 10 Hz-10 MHz




Spectral Position Stability
​​(pm, +/- 5deg C, 4 hrs)   

Modhop Free Tunning 

266, 320, 349, 355, 360

< 200


40 - 50

442, 515, 523, 532, 607, 
​640, 698

< 2000


30 - 50


25 - 30 

720, 780, 813, 1064, 
​ 1125

< 3000




The production of high quality holographic images has always relied on lasers with long coherence length and single mode properties in order to achieve stable interference for the entire exposure time.

Life Science

Applications such as Fine Resolution Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, Optical Tweezing, Fluorescence Imaging, including Confocal Microscopy, Brillouin Scattering etc requires good ode and beam quality .


Interferometry makes use of interference phenomena for measurement purposes, for example investigation into the flatness of an optical surface. The more coherent the laser beam, or the longer the coherence length, the finer the detail that can be resolved in the interferometer.